Chapter 11Mature

By midafternoon, his cabin fever was still growing and showing even more with his pacing around the house. Looking outside, he wanted to say “screw it” and leave for a while, but with the time close to 2:00, the schools were letting out and rush hour was coming.

Another drawback of his lasting lycanthropy was emerging by then. He felt messy from all his sweating and running around yesterday. Despite his pads, his fur felt slick and he was starting to develop a noticeable scent underneath it.

Deciding to try and lay down for a nap instead of worrying so much, Alex settled down on his bed with the covers in the same shape as before. Letting himself drift off to sleep, laying on his back with one paw near his necklace, he awoke several hours later to a dimmed house.

Crawling off his bed, he let himself wake back up with a gaping yawn, feeling relaxed and fresh. Placing one paw near his mouth almost made him bite himself by accident as his jaws closed, the snapping making for a rude wake-up.

Taking a sniff of the air in the house, many of the minor scents he had picked up before were overpowered by newer ones from outside. Someone had started burning wood in a nearby fireplace, making parts of the house smell like monoxide and wood smoke. Brushing his nose a bit, Alex took in the scent, eagerly awaiting the end of the night and what he hoped would be the end of this long stint as a giant wolf-man.

After seeing how long he’d been asleep, a span of five hours, his next thoughts went to what he had hoped to do earlier. Go outside for a while. The sun hadn’t completely set yet, making him hesitate at the patio door. The risk of someone seeing him was still there, but then, no one was actively looking for him. No one knew what he really was, or who he could be if he looked like this.

Unlocking the door, Alex slid it open and stepped outside. The temperature had begun to drop, but his fur kept him warm while he scaled the fence. Dropping onto the grass, he followed the same routine as the night before. Crossing the road and going into the wooded area across the street, although this time he stayed there instead of going to the park.

The End

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