Chapter 11Mature

Bailey seemed to understand that the new wolf in the house was anxious about something and Alex soon saw him lay down for him as he leaned against the foot of his bed. Albeit a few feet away with his eyes barely leaving his owner’s new form.

Remembering the tennis balls he always threw for him, Alex rolled one towards him, hoping it would get some sort of reaction. Bailey tracked the ball as it came but did nothing beyond that. He backed up a bit as Alex reached for the ball, but as soon as it was tossed behind him, he was off to get it. Returning with it in his jaws, Bailey didn’t drop the fuzzy sphere, instead laying down again with it under his guard. Alex smiled at seeing that gesture.

A while later, Alex heard his phone vibrating and went to check who was calling him. The phone went to the answering machine again, but the caller ID showed Blue Moon Comics. He had requested the day off from work, which made him wonder who was calling him. His boss or one of his co-workers. Thinking back to the angry customer from before, and getting a nasty feeling that was what the message was about, he felt his phone vibrate in his paw again.

This time it was Nathan, sending him a text message. “Did something happen on your end?

Trying to type out a response, he forgot how useless his claws and pads were with the touch screen. Without a stylus or some kind of soft pen, he couldn’t respond and set the phone aside.

After some more time playing with Bailey, his stomach started churning again and he filled up with another slab. Checking the stash, only one and a half patties were left. After that, he was out of meat. “Time to take it easy I guess.” Alex thought as he got himself another huge drink of water.

The End

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