Chapter 11Mature

Once he was full again, with some milk to top things off, it was back to gaming for a while longer. He soon grew tired of the game, wanting to do something different. Seeing the sun starting to rise, he dropped the idea of going outside, and everything that came with it. Including riding his skateboard.

If he had to stay indoors, all he could think of to do was sleep, play games, read, watch videos, or mess around on his computer. Thinking about his PC, Alex recalled the officer’s words about the number of animal attacks. Even if he had to stay hidden indoors, he could read up on the actions of the other werewolf.

Booting up his desktop, he made his way online and to the city news site. His claws kept him from typing like he normally did but once he was used to the old hunt and peck method again, he started his news search with ‘animal attacks.’ He only got one good hit while the others were all mis-matched from the two words he provided. “Useless search engine, this thing.

Sighing once, Alex thought about some other terms he could use. The officer had said attack, but what else could he have meant? “Animal attacks. Maybe animal killings?” Changing the words in the search bar, he instead got zero hits from anything recent. “Damn. What else?

Thinking hard, something came to him. What if the officer had used the wrong word, and instead meant animal activity? With that combination, Alex got several good hits for news, many of them within the last few weeks.

Scrolling down over each one, a total of three news stories stood out the most. From those, he started to notice a common theme with each: They all said there were animals reported missing or killed, the former usually with some evidence of blood at the scene. And each time, these events were near a small farm or stable. “Whoa. This guy’s really making a mess.

Seeing the stories brought back Alex’s fear of being stuck in this form. At least three missing, and likely dead, animals within about 17 days. Given how hungry he had been after his first shift, and how fast he seemed to burn off food, if he didn’t change back soon or keep himself from eating too much, he feared he could follow the same route.

As the hours continued to go by, Alex switched activities constantly, trying to keep himself from being bored or getting stir crazy. What he had always considered a place of safety now felt like a giant cage. Here he was, a monstrous werewolf, keeping himself inside his home under his own power when he desperately wanted to just go outside and have some fun. He had the keys to the house, but felt too afraid to use them. While he allowed Bailey outside to relieve himself, he didn’t follow him. Even with the high fences around the house, he didn’t want to risk anyone seeing him like this.

Trying to reach some middle ground, Alex opened a few of the windows around the house that were blocked off from view and switched off the AC, letting the breezes of the day air out the house. Catching whiffs of the numerous scents from outside was nice and they helped the separation anxiety he was starting to feel to a degree.

The End

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