Chapter 11Mature

“That’s my boy.” Alex said. Bailey immediately looked at him as he suddenly went silent. His voice had dropped almost an octave in pitch and held a rumbling undertone, like a growl of some kind. His heart pounding in both pleasure and surprise from what he had just heard, Alex spoke again. “It’s still me, Bailey.”

His dog tilted his head, a sign that he understood part of what the wolf-man had said. Alex smiled a bit and tried to reach out to his dog again. Bailey woofed at him and lowered his head away, but upon smelling the fur again, he let the massive paw come close. Alex took his chance and placed his paw on Bailey’s neck, being careful not to scratch him.

By the look in his eyes, his dog wasn’t thrilled by the action and whined a bit before licking his furry arm, his ears laid back. Alex pulled his paw back, just in case Bailey was thinking of attacking him, letting his dog retreat for the time being. His tail remained slightly tucked but his head partially up as he did so.

Now what am I going to do?” Alex thought. The possibility of forever being stuck in this form was still heavy on his mind, even though he didn’t want to believe it. He barely had any recourse to discount it however. For all he knew, he would be this way for the rest of his life, or until the full moon set after today.

Thinking about that possibility instead got the weight on his chest to lift a tad. He had changed early for some reason, so maybe his body was keeping him this way until the full moon passed. If he had to miss classes as well as work because of this though, it would certainly turn into a draining routine. Having to shift on the full moon, maybe half a day before, and then letting the affliction run its course until he finally changed back.

With a deep sigh, he looked over to the clock on his console. It was just over an hour and a half before his classes would start, and with Nathan in one of them, he was certain he would call him to find out where he was. With a quick thought to just tell him he was sick, Alex settled back in front of his XBOX.

Until the time for his classes to start came around, he stayed glued to Borderlands after seeing that his paws could handle the controller. Despite the increase in size of his fingers and hands, the game remained playable.

After a time, he was blasting away so many of virtual enemies that again he was feeling an urge to physically tear them apart when he was cornered. Clicking the right stick to slash at the ones in front of him before shooting them again, his powerful paws nearly made the plastic of the controller squeak from the pressure.

When his stomach gave a hint that he was getting hungry again, he made for the kitchen, moving on all fours just in case. Warming up one of the slabs of meat, he tried to eat it a bit slower than last time and soon lost his urge to just eat as fast as he could. He instead took smaller nips of the meat, tearing it with his fangs and swallowing it whole. He didn’t have to tilt his head to consume missed bits like Bailey did, but the urge was certainly there, avoided only by using his claws.

The End

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