Chapter 11Mature

As he started playing, going back to the spot he was before he shifted the night before, he kept checking the dashboard clock every few minutes. Half an hour passed as he continued to shoot up virtual enemies, but he didn’t feel any different. There was no shrinking of his muscles or changes in his heart rate outside of what he was naturally feeling from playing the game.

Soon, an hour passed and he was starting to grow worried again. He paused the game and began to pace around his room, thinking all the while.

Why isn’t it happening? I’m supposed to change back by now. Aren’t I?” It was then that the idea of forever being in this form began to creep into his head. Holding back a couple of tears, Alex gripped his right arm. He didn’t want to believe for a second that he was cursed to live like this. But what if he was? What would happen then? His folks would be home in a few days and he couldn’t just run away.

Trembling, he looked over to his phone again. Maybe he ought to tell them, send them a picture, or just plead with them to come back early and let him tell them what happened? The idea made him sick but he couldn’t foresee any other options.

Reaching for the device, he held it in his paws for a while, just looking over the screen. His self-doubt about the deed overtook however and he set the phone back down. What reason would they have to believe him? Even if he recorded himself, they could easily write it off as just an elaborate joke.

Feeling a small nudge on his leg, Alex spun around to see Bailey take a step back, his ears still erect and his face focused. Seeing his dog made his heart leap a bit but he held back from trying to grab him, despite feeling a great urge to do so.

He knelt down to Bailey’s level and let his dog come close to him, or as close as he wished to come. Being backed into a corner between his dresser and his pet made him feel a touch uncomfortable deep down. Even so, if it would let his pet come close to him, he welcomed it.

Lifting one paw to his dog, Bailey slowly approached and put his nose within an inch of him. Alex could feel some small breathes from his nose through his fur and soon, the warm feeling of a lick as Bailey’s tongue ran over his paw.

The End

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