Chapter 11 - ...To Be A Werewolf?Mature

Monday, September 11th, 2011

Moon Phase - Full


The next morning, Alex awoke to a subtle sound of breathing. Opening his eyes, he was met with the same nightvision view of his room from the night before. Blinking his eyes, he moved his head to feel his canine-like face still present along with the fur that was coating it.

Alex shot up in shock. He was still a werewolf. Panic quickly filled his head as he checked his hands, revealing the same clawed paws that had appeared the night before. The rest of him was the same as well.

Looking behind him, despite his nightvision, he could tell it was still dark outside. Wondering what time it was, he reached for his phone. Pressing his pads against the screen, they didn’t turn it on. Relaxing a bit but his heart still pounding, Alex slid off his bed and turned on his XBOX.

While it continued to boot, he noticed that Bailey wasn’t sleeping in his bed. Figuring he had gone to sleep in the guest room, Alex wondered if he had tried to approach him while he slept, or was driven off because he was still afraid of him.

Eventually, the dashboard of the console came on and the time flashed on the screen. 6:32 a.m.

Alex’s blood turned to ice seeing that. It had been over eight hours since he’d gone to sleep. That made well over twelve in total. Why hadn’t he changed back yet?

Reaching for his neck, his necklace was still there, and no odd tastes were in his mouth. He had slept the entire length of time. Or so it seemed.

Shaking his head a bit, Alex sat down against the head of his bed and took some deep breaths. He couldn’t stay this way forever. Something had to change him back. Staring into the TV, and seeing that the Borderlands disk was still in the tray, he thought a few minutes with the game would calm his nerves.

Picking the controller up, his paws were so large that he could barely press a single button on it without difficulty, aside from the triggers and the control sticks. Then again, those were all he really needed to play the game.

The End

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