Chapter 10Mature

Once again, he approached slowly, holding his body very low and making an effort to not show any teeth or make any sounds. Bailey’s ears were erect as he came closer, and a single woof came from him. “Bailey, relax. It’s OK.” Alex thought, keeping his head a bit high.

He lifted his paw and moved it closer to his dog. This time he managed to get within a foot of his pet and Bailey started sniffing at the air. Although he hadn’t cleaned his paws of the meat from before, Alex was surprised to see his dog was actually calm this time. “Atta boy. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Alex then pulled his paw away, thinking that would be enough to show his pet he wasn’t trying to do anything to him, and went back to eating. Going through the other half of the slab, he finished off with more water and Mountain Dew, this time feeling a bit tired. He had some reservations about going to sleep and potentially letting his were side take over. Remembering his necklace, he just had to leave it on and nothing would happen. At least he hoped.

Hearing a ringing coming from elsewhere in the house, Alex headed to his room to find his smartphone vibrating and ringing to his loaded tune. Seeing that got his heart to beat a bit faster, even more so when he saw who was calling him: His folks. Reaching for the phone, he held it in his paws but didn’t touch any part of the screen until the call stopped. He wanted to reply but again doubted this muzzle of his would even let him talk.

Not long after his phone stopped ringing, the house phone did the same thing, allowing him to hear the message that was left over the speaker. “Alex, this is your Dad. We’re just calling to make sure everything is OK. Give us a call back as soon as you get this. Love you, son.” The sound of his father cutting off as the message completed made Alex’s heart get a small knot in it.

A sent text would do for an answer since his folks were likely still up, but when he tested the screen of his phone, neither his claws nor his pads could select anything. “Nevermind. I’ll call them in the morning after I change back.”

Setting the phone aside, Alex did a walk of the house, his nose on the lookout for any strong outside scents and locking every lock he could find. Stopping to look down at Bailey, who was still looking at him with suspicion, he hoped that he could wake up tomorrow to find him sniffing at him, if not showing less anxiety about being around him.

Lying chest down on his bed and curled up a bit, Alex let himself drift off to sleep, hoping that tomorrow he would wake up to see his human skin again. His first night as a werewolf had been frightening, educational and emotional all in the span of three hours and he had no reservations about turning back. Even so, he was still impressed by everything he had seen tonight.

The End

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