Chapter 10Mature

“Hey, guys. This park is under curfew. You need to leave.” said the officer when he entered the park. When he was questioned as to why, the response he gave made Alex’s head run wild with questions. “Because we’ve had several animal attacks around this area over the last month.”

Several? How? Angela was the only one before me, and that calf was just one kill.” Alex swallowed hard as he comprehended what he had just heard. He had been keeping up with the news ever since that night he and Nathan ran into Angela, but now he couldn’t shake the feeling he was overlooking something.

Looking around, he tried not to make any noise and kept backing away from the park. The crickets chirping around him were a nice cover for sound, but the officer was carrying a heavy duty floodlight like the last one. If any light exposed him, he would have to run.

“You haven’t seen any odd animals around here, have you?” asked the officer, making Alex mumble in his head about the completely wrong use of ‘odd.’

“No. Nothing’s come around here.” said one of the skaters.

“I see. Even so, you boys need to head home.”

Hearing the officer say that the park was on curfew, Alex felt a bit saddened. The place did have a bit of history to him, but given what had happened, he shouldn’t have been surprised. Still, if he hadn’t come on that Friday night…

Damnit. I’m not a monster.” Turning around, Alex made for the fence of the field and with a single bound, cleared the top of it. This was enough exploration for one night. He had seen pretty much everything he wanted to see, and by now his stomach was starting to empty again.

He returned home around 9:40 according to the first clock he saw. The trek had taken a bit more time than he thought but the upside was he had burned off some energy and was ready to eat again. There were two more packages of the patties in the fridge, meaning he would have enough meat to fill his stomach again maybe twice more tonight if he couldn’t get to sleep.

Putting half of one of the patties on high in the microwave, he noticed Bailey was now walking around the house, yet not stopping to look in his direction when he passed by. Thinking it might be a good time to try and get his pet to accept him, Alex consumed the warm meat and tracked his pet back to the living room.

The End

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