Chapter 10Mature

He soon found a collection of scents that caught his attention as he kept moving towards the park. Something about it made him shiver, but he could place why at first. Alex sniffed around a few times near the ground, trying to find the direction it came from and narrowed it to a direction leading to the skate park. Following the scent, it slowly grew stronger until, like a ton of bricks to his nervous system, it hit him.

The fur and skin within the collection he recognized from the werewolf that had attacked him and made him into this. For a second after figuring it out, Alex was frozen in horror. If the direction of it was towards the park, for all he knew, that thing would be there, watching and waiting for others to come.

He could fight it or drive it off, but even then he was risking giving himself away. The hope of keeping others from getting afflicted with this prevailed however and he started on the move.

Coming to one of the baseball fields near where he and Nathan had found Angela, Alex kept his nose up high, sniffing low every so often to try and stay focused on where that scent was going. With them at their strongest on the ground, he had to follow the trail that way. Going in what he was certain was the right direction, he stopped when he saw some floodlights illuminating the route ahead.

He could hear the telltale sounds of clacking wheels on ramps in the distance, maybe a set of three. The scent was going right in their direction, making his flesh crawl. Preparing himself for the worst, Alex started creeping along as he maneuvered around the light, his tail poking out directly behind him and his ears laying back as he went. His nose kept picking up the scent of the other werewolf but also of the other skaters in the park. Some of them had extra wax with them and some bearing lubricant, but he had to stay focused on finding the other werewolf.

The trail led him close to the northern side of the park, and it was there that the strongest scent was collected in the grass. The werewolf wasn’t there however, making him sigh and shiver at once. Trying to pick up its scent again, he stopped from getting too exposed to the park. The scent trail seemed to end here, as if the creature had laid here waiting for nothing and then left, walking back over the same trail it used before.

Wondering where it had gone, Alex listened to the sounds of the skaters sessioning the rails and ramps for a minute. While at first thinking of leaving, with little else to do, he decided to stick around for a while. What was the harm anyway? Watching others do tricks was always fun.

Laying on his chest near the northern side of the park, Alex watched the three skaters take turns doing tricks. One of them bailed during a transition into a Frontside Tailslide, making him wince at how they landed. The one following him however was successful in doing a Frontside Nose Grind and left the rail cleanly. The small talk between them was rife with family issues, congratulations to each other for numerous things, and their girlfriends, with the occasional dialogue about video games. Only some of which Alex found interesting.

Eventually, the third skater decided to try and do a trick but bailed while trying to land a 360 Flip. As his board clacked away from him, out of the corner of his eye, Alex saw a sedan coming in the direction of the park. Even though the skaters hadn’t noticed it yet, his nightvision let him see the telltale police lights on its hood. From his location, he backed up several steps before the officer parked his vehicle. That was three times tonight he had seen the police, making him realize just how serious their manhunt was.

The End

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