Chapter 10Mature

Reaching the intersection of his street, he could now smell a very raw scent of stagnant water and plants nearby. Ones that he knew grew in and around creeks. “The park does have a creek running alongside of it…” Alex thought, changing his direction to head towards it. He was crossing a busier part of the roads of his neighborhood heading that way, but the creeks ran very deep. Walking within them would make his traveling far easier; maybe give him a chance to walk instead.

Seeing how far down the creeks’ banks went, a depth of maybe 15 feet, Alex felt pleased to be able to get back on his legs only and just walk like a human. With the moon as his sole source of illumination, he climbed down the banks’ grassy sides, trying not to get his paws wet, and started heading south towards the park. The journey wasn’t pleasant with all the raw scents swarming his nostrils, but the upsides were he could move faster and have a better view of what was coming.

Peering over the edge of the creek when he arrived, he could see three other people walking around, along with one dog. A Husky, if not a Malamute. The dog was way on the other side of the park but given how Bailey had been so hostile against him before, he didn’t want to risk this dog getting uppity and attacking him. Or freaking out and running away. At first, he began to think coming was a waste of time, but then remembered that this creek ran all the way out to the skatepark, as well as his old middle school. All he had to do was follow it that way.

Pulling back into the creek, Alex moved away from the park, getting back to his legs and walking the rest of the way. As he came close to his middle school, the creek having dipped down to around three stories deep at that point, he climbed out using his claws as dirt picks to keep himself from slipping. He couldn’t recall how long the walk was, but his legs didn’t feel tired. If anything, he was feeling more active.

Seeing the entire area ahead of him bathed in moonlight, even without one person around that he could see, he felt a twinge of worry. As if someone was in fact watching him. Trying to ignore the nagging feeling, he kept walking, picking up even more new scents as he went. Many of them were old but some stirred up fuzzy memories.

The End

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