Chapter 10Mature

“The wooded areas around here should be enough to keep me out of sight.” There was one such place just across the way from his house, but directly in his way was a bright street lamp. He would have to make a huge loop around it to keep from getting in direct light, or he could just run for it. Test his new legs and arms on all fours and see how this useful this body of his was.

Taking a breath, he stood on all fours and started on a small trot towards the other side of the street. If he could make it that far, he could keep going. Picking up his pace, his claws scrapped against the concrete and soon he was moving at a quicker pace. Even with how his body was built, he couldn’t grasp any rhythm to make himself move faster, but he crossed under the lamplight and made it away quickly.

Peeking behind him, his house wasn’t too far away but already he felt like he was leaving the place behind in a way he didn’t want to. “As long as I’m still me under this fur…”

Crossing the tree line of the wooded area, he found the place was more than just a spot to hide from patrolling police cars. It was a treasure trove of scents as well. He could smell the remnants of a recently dead mouse under the dirt, some of the mushrooms growing on the downed trees, and used cigarettes from what he was sure were kids coming here to smoke in private. Catching a whiff of the contents of the butts nearly made him gag as he licked his teeth but he quickly moved on, keeping within the center of the area.

As he continued to explore however, another thought occurred to him. The one that attacked him was still out here, somewhere in this city. He had no idea where but remembered that the werewolf had struck twice in the same location. Thinking he could find the scent of the one that attacked him so he would know who it was, the idea of walking that far and risking exposing himself seemed far too great of a risk. He had been lucky just now with the officer and the bush, and didn’t want to risk that again so soon on his first night as a werewolf.

With his mind back on exploring, he thought about where to go next. There were several local parks in the neighborhood, but only two of those were ones he visited on a regular basis. The closest one to him was the one he always walked Bailey at, although it stayed open for use well into 10:00 at night. Encountering regular folks instead of police seemed less nerve wracking, but he would have to put on an act as a dog to keep himself from suspicion.

Heading out towards the park on the sidewalks, Alex had his head held low to start the disguise, and his body moving on all fours. Slowly, he began to get used to walking that way, even with his legs being longer than his arms. In this form, it felt at least somewhat natural but every time he looked ahead and saw no one around him, he wanted to jump back to his hind legs and just run like a human. The new scents he found as he kept his head low encouraged him to stay that way.

The End

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