Chapter 10Mature

It was past 6:25, but to his only knowledge, he wouldn’t change back until daytime. Meaning he had maybe 12 hours to go until he would be a human again. Just in time, maybe, to get to class, if a reverse transformation didn’t leave him feeling tired and hungry as well. Even with his stomach as full as it was, he felt no urge take a nap to pass the time. The idea of going back to playing Borderlands for a while came to mind, but looking at his paws, one other option emerged: Spend some time exploring his neighborhood.

He had done it before during late evening walks with Bailey in tow, but never from the point of view of a wolf, or a werewolf. Only as a person with a lack of a good nose or night vision built into their eyes. If he was going to be a werewolf who was still sentient, why not use his new senses and get a different perspective on his hometown? Maybe find things others had missed in his favorite places? That would pass the time, and he knew much of the neighborhood wasn’t illuminated off the main roads.

Heading for the bedroom across from his, Alex checked the size of the window there. It was large enough to let him fit through, even with all the muscle mass he had gained. Still, it was partially daylight outside. He didn’t want to be seen, and had to wait for the sun to go down before sneaking out.

The time waiting for the setting sun trickled by slowly, and wasn’t quickened by Alex’s pacing around his room. Between bouts of that, he took another shot at trying to get Bailey to come to him.

His dog had moved to his personal corner of his bedroom but even with all of his own scents nearby, his reaction was the same. Growling as the massive paw came his direction, but this time he started barking at his master. Seeing his pet snap his fangs at him made Alex back off even quicker. Despite wanting to tell him to calm down, if not growl him into submission, he refrained from making any noise in response.

As he continued to walk around the house, getting used to how walking in this new form felt, something came to him. Why had he remained sentient? Was it a trait all werewolves shared, aside from minor quirks in their personalities? Remembering his necklace, Alex held it in his paw. As insignificant as it felt to him, something about wearing this metal was making him wonder.

He hadn’t seen the werewolf that night with any silver jewelry on, and it behaved like a rabid monster, even if it seemed slightly in control at the end. He however, wearing a silver necklace, was afraid of ripping it off before and was completely in control. “Is this thing keeping me from going nuts?” Alex feared the possibility, but it sort of made sense.

If he was afraid of pulling the necklace off and cutting his skin in the process, maybe his body was reacting to the presence of the metal to keep him safe. He hoped that wasn’t the case, but the alternative of becoming a rabid, out of control monster was far worse. If silver was keeping him this way, he didn’t care if he did have to wear it.

The End

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