Chapter 10Mature

The fridge was his next stop, his fur keeping the cold air off of his body effortlessly. Before long, he found something that almost made him salivate. Two fresh packages of ground beef hamburger patties. Ripping the plastic from the first package, he almost took a bite before he stopped himself. He couldn’t eat this stuff cold and raw. At least his human form couldn’t. Deciding not to tempt it, he set up the microwave on its highest setting for three minutes, hoping that would get the slab warmed up enough so he could eat it. However, it meant another three minutes of hearing his stomach gurgle before he could take one bite.

It turned out to be too short a time; the core was still cold. Tearing the slab in half, Alex tried again for four minutes. This time it was enough and he took the first piece in his paws, trying not to flinch at how hot it was. The meat smelled undercooked, the salt scent stood out the most, and it felt mushy against his pads. Despite all that, he parted his jaws and bit into the warm mass.

He barely had to chew on the meat before it was ready to swallow, likely from it being so raw. Even so, it was much more filling than the fruit bar. Taking another nip, he chewed a bit slower to try and calm his stomach. The effort was fruitless and he kept eating, not stopping after the second or third one, but well into the fourth.

The three pounds of ground beef settled in his stomach, finally putting a hold on his hunger. He had no idea how long that would last if his body was hyper digesting any food he gave it to make up for his transformation. Thinking he should add something else to the mix to make sure, he went for some of the leftover Mountain Dew.

With the straws from before, he was able to drink a full glass of the sweet tasting soda, the carbonation making his stomach feel bubbly. With a great sigh of relief, Alex leaned against the counter, his paws supporting him. He felt like he had gorged himself at an all-you-can-eat buffet, ready to go eight hours without any food. Looking outside, seeing the sunlight slowly give way to night made that length of time seem like a watch checking chore.

The End

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