Chapter 10 - What Does it Mean...Mature

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waxing Gibbious


A sudden, deep growling in his chest then broke the silence of the room, and his chest seemed to shrink in response as hunger dominated his head. His stomach felt drained of every bit of food he had eaten for the day, liquids included. So much so that it felt like he hadn’t eaten for almost ten hours, if not more, and skated on that empty stomach.

Grasping his abdomen, Alex got to his feet and moved to close the open curtains. As he turned around to head for the kitchen, the room looked almost as bright as before he closed them. Seeing another window open in the office, he quickly realized, beyond just that being open, that his eye functions had also changed along with his body.

Looking over to Bailey, who was still staring at him, Alex made for the kitchen and the snack cabinets. His stomach growled again as he checked the boxes for something he could munch on. The lack of choice left him with crackers and fruit bars, the latter ones he went for first. His paws made it tricky to get the wrapper off.

Sinking his teeth into the apple bar, he sliced off a chuck but stumbled on chewing it. His jaws hung open as he tried until he spit the piece out. He felt his heart race a bit from that, but whether from embarrassment or worry he couldn’t tell. Trying again with a smaller chunk, he still had difficulty chewing but was able to swallow it that time.

 The routine continued until he was finished with the bar, but it hadn’t fully satisfied him and his stomach growled again. Thinking it was the physical demands of his recent transformation, Alex went for some water instead, hoping that would fill the void.

As awkward as getting a glass of water as a werewolf was, like eating, he found it incredibly hard to take drinks from a glass. His muzzle was too long compared to his human jaw, leaving openings for any liquid he drank to slosh out onto his pelt. Wiping his fur after just such an instance, he could still taste the water he had managed to drink and felt how cooling it was on his warmed up skin, making him want more.

Looking towards the sink, his nerves went cold as he considered a way he could get a drink without soaking himself: By lapping it up like a dog. “Like I have a choice,” Alex thought as he stopped the drains and filled one side with cold tap water.

As the sink reached its fullest point, he stopped the faucet and brought his muzzle close to the surface. With his paws holding him up, he let his tongue slide from between his jaws into the reservoir. All he could get was a tiny bit of water, barely more than an ounce, and no more even on following tries. It didn’t feel hard to do. Just awkward to do. Letting out a growl in frustration, Alex stepped away to think. Something had to be able to bridge the muzzle he had.

Then he had an idea: a straw. If he could keep his lips closed, that would solve the problem. Going for the pantry, he found a box of them already opened and ready to use. Grabbing three of them, he slid the plastic tubes between his teeth and bit down gently. He was able to draw a breath with them in and wasted no time using the straws to drink his fill of the water. For what seemed like a full minute, he drank as much as he wanted, causing his stomach to swell a bit. While his skin was cooled down by the water, his stomach remained unsatisfied in terms of hunger.

The End

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