Chapter 9Mature

Shaking his head, Alex decided to try again with his old plan of getting Bailey outside. Although he had run out into the house somewhere, the doors to the guest bedroom and his parents’ were both closed, leaving the living room and kitchen. His first few steps in his werewolf form were wobbly at times with how his legs were shaped, forcing him to use the walls and doorframes for some support as he headed for the living room.

Looking around as he emerged from the hall, Alex saw that he’d missed closing the bay window’s curtains, letting low angle sunlight stream into the room. Swearing to himself, he dropped back to his hands to approach it. The position felt more natural but still awkward even with his reformed skeleton. Bailey’s scent was stronger near the ground, and then he saw him cowering next to the couch. He was shaking and still has his tail tucked, whining in fear when he saw his owner’s new form.

Alex approached his dog cautiously, holding one paw out to him when he was within a few feet. Bailey’s jaws slowly parted as it came closer revealing his own massive fangs, and a growl started to come from his lungs as his ears pulled back. Even though he knew his dog was afraid, Alex had raised him since he was a puppy. Hearing him growling and seeing him barring his teeth at his new body made his heart feel wrenched, like his pet was turning on him under the order of someone else.

He pulled his arm back before his dog got any clever ideas to bite him, trying not to get misty. Even with what had happened, he was sure Bailey could at least smell his scent and relax a bit. “Calm down, boy. I’m not here to hurt you.” Alex thought, staring into his dog’s eyes while staying still. Wondering what else he could try, nothing came to mind except for leaving him alone to sleep out the remainder of the night. But then Alex had to wonder what he was going to do for the rest of the night.

The End

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