Chapter 9Mature

His legs were the first part of his skeleton to take a new shape, the bones in his feet growing longer and shaping themselves into a set of paws. The claws and pads grew in as the action continued, but another new sensation of his flesh being stretched was added to the mix. The feeling ran up his spine, making his flesh crawl under his fur.

His chest and hips were next to change, with his ribs seeming to expand an inch or so behind his now grown chest muscles. His organs, which he had felt move around before now, shifted a bit more. As they did, his lungs felt more efficient and his heart started to beat a little slower.

Fearing that he was about to pass out or not make it through the rest of this, Alex shut his eyes and tried to focus on keeping awake or active. He wasn’t screaming as much as before, but his paws were anchored near the carpet as something to grab onto. All that was left that he was sure would change was his skull and jaw, and as soon as it came, he mentally labeled it one of the worst moments out of everything that had happened to him since this chaos began.

Under his skin, he could hear the two bones popping all the while they pushed outwards, his moaning sounding more animal than human. His jawline shifted as the bones grew, his canines lengthening along with his tongue. The sensation of it all, being so close to his head, made his stomach curl.

He could still taste some blood near his fangs and prayed that this would be the last he would have to suffer through tonight. He was tired of shaking so much, of his body doing these things to him, and of feeling sick to his stomach from everything coming so fast.

Finally, he felt his face stop growing and a few final snaps like bones resetting sounded. His jaw closed and he swallowed once, letting him take some unhindered breaths as his body finally relaxed. Letting himself go limp, he tried to stabilize his breathing and the trembles he had, his heart rate dropping at the same time. The undercoat of his fur felt damp from all his sweating, making him feel like a dog that hadn’t dried out after a bath.

But it was over. It was finally done. He’d made it.

Licking his lips with his now longer tongue, Alex took a few breaths through his nose and smelled Bailey nearby, still in the room. Opening his eyes and moving his head slightly to try and look at him, even with the water layering his eyes, he noticed how much brighter the room looked now. Blinking once, he saw Bailey cowering near the desk in the room, his body held low and his tail completely tucked. Realizing that the entire time his pet had been watching his transformation made his heart feel knotted. He didn’t want him to see it any more than anyone else he cared for, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

Setting his head back down, Alex heard his necklace jingle against the floor. He couldn’t see it with his new muzzle stopping his eyes from looking down, but he could feel it under his fur. It hadn’t snapped off, despite how much thicker his neck felt.

The End

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