Chapter 9Mature

Standing back up and still avoiding looking in the mirror, his calves and thighs were soon flushed with a sudden sensation like someone had shoved a rod through his muscles there. Yelling in pain as he collapsed onto the marble counter, the sweat around his skin making the stone feel colder, Alex waited to recover and returned to his room, his heart still beating hard and fast.

At the doorway, he locked eyes with Bailey, who was standing near the head of his bed. He once again whined and backed up into a corner, Alex not bothering to coax him away this time. If he wanted to retreat and cower in his room, there was nothing he could do. All he could hope was that he wouldn’t wake up tomorrow to find his body in the house and his flesh in his mouth.

Feeling his teeth continue to grow and shift around inside his mouth, Alex couldn’t close his jaws completely. His ears began to move around, up the side of his head while also getting larger and changing their shapes. His spine felt a jolt down to his tailbone again and it lengthened several more inches. He was still mostly without fur, but he had seen early signs of it breaking through his skin in the bathroom and it was now growing in faster. The itching from it kept the other sensations back for a minute but it made him twitch like crazy.

He stared talking to himself then, asking what was next. He stopped two words in, horrified at what he was hearing. His voice had dipped in octaves and was taking on the tenor of a growl. It was then that everything seemed to stop for a second as more of his fur grew in around his chest and legs.

The silence wasn’t to last as he started hearing his bones making loud cracking and popping noises. In his face, his jaw, his chest and his feet. All at once. He tried his best to mentally prepare for what he feared was coming, tears running from his eyes. All he could think of was the time he’d broken his leg, and the pain that came from it.

Not even a second later, that memory was thrust back into the limelight. Both physically and mentally. The sounds of bones breaking grew louder and soon, white hot pain shot up from his legs, forcing him to the floor. His spine bent outwards at the same time, forcing him to curl up and lay on his side. With his paws over his face, they muffled some of his screams, but his deeper voice was breaking through. It sounded animalistic.

The End

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