Chapter 9Mature

“C’mon, boy. You’re going outside. Now.” Alex closed the gap on him quickly, but his dog backed up with his tail completely tucked and whining in fear. “Bailey, I said…” Alex began but his speech was cut off as he felt the muscles and organs in his chest constrain. He let out a painful groan, almost akin to a growl, causing Bailey to freak out and stay pressed against the wall.

With his hands over his chest, with every trembling breath he took, Alex could feel his muscles there shifting and tightening, enlarging as well. His legs soon felt the same sensation as did his chest and arms. It felt like someone was digging under his skin and moving his muscles around while injecting them with fast acting steroids. The feeling made him sick to think about.

Groaning as he shut off his TV, Alex started to remove his clothes. No matter how powerful his were form would be, he wasn’t about to risk constricting himself or pinching one of his limbs off from blood flow. His shoes and socks went first, then his jeans and boxers. Going for his T-shirt next, he removed it to see all of his limbs and his chest shifting as if someone he couldn’t see was manipulating them. Followed by a feeling of electricity running down his spine to his tailbone. He felt it lengthening, maybe an inch.

Realizing he still had his necklace on, Alex reached for the clip but his claws and pads kept him from getting a good grip on it. Reaching his hands through the loop, he stopped himself from tearing it off. What if he was only not allergic to silver as long as it didn’t cut his skin? Shaking and his breathing trembling, he let go of the chain. Even if he wasn’t somehow at risk of being hurt by silver, he was too afraid to try it.

For a second, Alex shut his eyes, trying not to think about the rippling of his muscles. It didn’t last as now he was developing a massive headache. Along with more underlying shakes and a feeling of weakness. He knew that sensation. With how much he was sweating, he had to get some water, fearing he would pass out if he didn’t stay hydrated.

Fighting the sickening feelings around his body, he made for the restroom and opened the cold faucet. His canines had grown longer by this point, making it hard for him to get a drink without fearing cutting his tongue or gums. He had to use his newly formed paws to catch the water, and seeing them in brighter light made his limbs shake even more.

His claws were white as a bone and lightly stained red, the rough black skin of his palm and finger pads not making any better impressions. The taste of his blood was still in his mouth as well, making him eager to start drinking something to flush the taste from his mouth. When he brought his face close, his nose bumped into his hands before he began to drink. The part that he felt was rounded and almost flush with the front of his face. He didn’t dare look at himself to find out why.

As the water pooled in his paws, he drank it faster than the sink could produce it. What little left his mouth ran red over his hands and down the drain, but the cold water was an immense relief for both his skin and his head. His headache soon went away and he felt cooler inside, but he wasn’t prepared for what came next.

The End

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