Chapter 9Mature

Coming to what he knew to be a relatively tough one half an hour later, he went into the first fight there with his guns blazing, the sound of each bullet making a satisfying mess of the enemies in front of him. Each shot rumbled the controller in his hands, and the background sounds became a mess of screams and gunshots. Smiling as he emptied another SMG clip into a mass of enemies, he was ambushed by a few he didn’t see and took a hit to his armor.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Turning his avatar with his finger on the triggers, he kept the bullets coming, taking down a few of the horde before he was starting to take hits to his health. As he backed away and switched his weapon to a rocket launcher, a part of him wanted to jump inside the screen and start going off as a second character for backup. Brick was a good choice in close quarters since he was playing Lilith.

While waiting for his gun to reload again, another enemy hit him from behind, knocking out the last of his health and leaving his avatar dying, the controller vibrating all the while. Aiming for one of the enemies in front of him, he fired one of his rockets and it blew past them, impacting on the scenery. Gripping the controller a bit, he heard what he thought were his fingernails scrapping the plastic but kept his eyes on taking down another enemy nearby. Switching to a rifle this time, he unloaded the clip as fast as he could, ticking its health bar down and eventually killing the avatar.

Seeing the Second Wind sign pop up, Alex heard the scrapping yet again but this time with his controller no longer vibrating, his fingers felt numb. Along with that, an odd taste was developing in his mouth. Something slick and warm. Tasting of iron almost. Moving his tongue around, he felt one of his canines and was nearly frozen in horror. They had somehow sharpened and his gums were bleeding.

“Shit.” Alex dropped the controller and clamped his mouth shut to stem the bleeding. As he brought his hand up to his mouth however, he was hit by another shock. The tips of each of his fingers were sprouting claws though the skin from under his fingernails. Bone white claws as if they were part of his skeleton.

With his heart rate shooting up seeing all of this, Alex’s head went into overdrive. Why was he changing now? It wasn’t the full moon yet. Swearing rapidly, Alex tried to maintain composure and calm himself but he was trembling almost too much to think straight. Taking in rapid breaths, he started pacing around his room, unable to look away from the horror show that his hands were turning into.

His flesh there was nearly numb but the skin and muscles of his hands was thickening by the second. The tips of his fingers pulled back to reveal more of the forming claws, and his palms changed into calloused pads. Torn between fear and sadness, he heard Bailey whine as he continued to breathe heavily. Remembering his earlier plan, he had to get Bailey outside before he completely transformed.

The End

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