Chapter 9Mature

Back outside, with the clouds starting to part, Alex decided to head over to the comic store for a while. He had finished all the comics he had bought thus far, and two of them had spurred his interest quite a bit.

At the shop, Marcus was working behind the counter and greeted him. Gwen was on the floor, organizing inventory. Alex didn’t notice any new scents in the air. “Hey, you’re off shift today.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m coming to pick up a few more issues of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Did any more come in?”

“Yeah…about that. Gwen, you want to tell him?” Marcus said, his voice sounding both silly and annoyed.

“DC canceled their current series.”

Alex raised an eyebrow at that. “Canceled?” Marcus nodded. “All of them?” Marcus nodded again. As that sentence ended, the three co-workers began discussing the ins and outs of the event for the length of the next hour. Trevor eventually added his two cents as well, sounding interested but also mentioning a few other customers who’d been disappointed.

Leaving the shop with several new series ready to read, Alex returned home to Bailey wanting to sniff the aged scents on his jacket. Taking some more time later to practice on his grindbox again, he found himself bailing more than earlier in the day, with one injury scrapping his hands.

Shaking a bit, he brushed the tiny rocks out of his flesh and gathered his skateboard. Thinking he should put some disinfectant on the wounds, he passed on the idea only to see a few minutes later that those scrapes were looking far better. “Oh, crap. I forgot about that.”

Putting the box up for the night as 4:00 came around, his injuries had come close to healing completely, with only some minor open flesh wounds left on his palms. As he headed back inside, he heard a car driving by and looked over to see a Sugar Land police cruiser with an officer scouting the street. Waving to the officer, his heart suddenly jumped in terror. If they were canvasing the neighborhood tomorrow night, and he lost control of himself…

Alex swore to himself, shutting the door behind him. While Bailey tried to sniff at his hands, he scratched his ears to distract him. “You’re a bit nosy lately, you know that?” he said, laughing a bit. Deciding that he wanted to play some games for a minute, Alex headed back to his room with Bailey following him. Starting up his XBOX with Borderlands in the tray, he loaded his last save with his machine gun user and got to doing some quests.

The End

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