Chapter 9Mature

Starting on a third sandwich, Alex began to notice that again he was eating more than he normally would. One sandwich and maybe some chips was all he usually needed to refuel after a few sessions. He was built, sure, but didn’t need to eat this much in the past. Was the approaching transformation what was making him overeat like this?

“Screw it. It’ll tide me over until later.” He said to himself, pressing the sandwich down on the skillet. Thinking only of the food in front of him was far more appealing than worrying, and after three sandwiches, he finished off with some water, exhaling in pleasure from filling his stomach.

Seeing Bailey sitting next to him like he was waiting for a treat, Alex smirked at him. “You knucklehead. I’ll get you some salami real fast.” Taking part of one of the circles of meat, he held it near Bailey’s nose, watching him follow it without jumping to bite it from his hand. “Good boy.” Bailey then snatched the meat from him, sitting again and awaiting more once he was done. “OK. Lay down.” Alex said, and his pet listened, going to his chest and front paws. “Good boy. Can you speak for me.” A succession of barks followed the command and Bailey had the rest of the meat while Alex rubbed his ears. “Atta boy.”

As he knelt down and continued to pet his dog, an odd thought came to him. How would Bailey react to seeing him as a gigantic wolf? Before he could think of an idea, one other question came to mind. What would happen to him once he’d shifted and he was fully a werewolf? Every story he knew about them painted them as rabid killers of whatever was in their way. With his folks gone, the only living being left in the house was Bailey.

Shaking his head to ignore the frightening idea of slaughtering his own dog, Alex’s throat constricted for a second. “No. I’ll just take him outside before that comes. If he’s not inside when it happens, he’ll be fine.” Although not liking the idea of making the house barren because of that, if he was in any danger of losing control over himself, he didn’t want to harm his dog. Or worse, leave him crippled.

Bailey looked up to his master for a second, whining a bit as if he knew something was wrong. Alex looked into his eyes for a second and coaxed him back up before wrapping his arms around his furry neck. He was the only companion he had for the next few days and if anything happened to him, he’d be sick. “You’ll be fine, boy. No matter what happens to me.” Trying not to start crying, he felt Bailey shuffle from his grip and lick his face a bit. “Heh, thanks boy. I needed that.”

The End

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