Chapter 9 - The First TransformationMature

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waxing Gibbous

Days until the Full Moon – 1


Going to bed with a more than full stomach from the night before, Alex woke up around 10:00 the next morning. His stomach was shrunken again from what he was certain was an increase in his metabolism, his sudden urge to use the restroom confirming it. “One more day. God, this is not going to be pleasant.” He thought as he rushed through a shower and got dressed.

Once again, the morning sky was overcast but a slight cold front had come back, giving him enough of a reason to use his new jacket. With no shift for the day, he was free to skate as much as he wanted. Moving his grindbox out further from the garage, he now had to be wary of some of the cracks in the driveway.

Accelerating towards the box with a push from his right foot, he set it back in place and prepared to do a Ollie. Sailing past the edge of the box, he tensed his legs again to catch himself in the normal manual position. Hearing the wheels impact, his leg muscles stayed in position as he adjusted his body for the trick. He had enough speed to make it; it was just a matter of tapping the tail to lift himself off again.

Approaching the end of the box, Alex lowered the nose of the board before pushing back on the tail, tapping the deck against the box and giving him a slight bounce off the wood. With his right leg over the tail and not the back truck, he missed adjusting the deck for the landing, continuing to manual on the concrete until he put the nose down.

“OK. Went a little further than I thought.” Alex kicked his board into his hand and returned to the garage, this time starting in switch stance. With his right leg forward, he felt a bit out of sync during the ride up to the box. Setting himself up for an Ollie again, his legs wouldn’t respond to do the trick, forcing him to step off his board with a few backsteps. Deciding to try it again, he once again approached the box, but now with his legs in the Nollie position.

His leg pressed into the nose of the deck as he leapt, lining his board up with the box’s edge. The deck started to go vertical and the nose cleared the edge of the box with little room for error. Coming down towards the edge of the box, Alex leveled his feet to catch the board in the same manual position as before, letting his front truck grind along the edge. Feeling his weight start to shift forward, he corrected it and held his position throughout the grind, his heart starting to beat faster as the Fakie 5-0 came close to finishing.

Near the edge of the box, Alex shifted his legs to maneuver the board off, trying to complete a Backside 180 to get him back in his normal stance. Landing just shy of that number, he pivoted to absorb the extra spin but ran directly into a crack nearby, stopping his board in its tracks.

Catching himself with a few steps forward, sweat streaming near his eyes, he decided to take a break and get some lunch. There was nothing already prepared in the fridge and he wasn’t interested in boxed or frozen snacks. He was ready for a little meat. Ham and salami, with some cheddar to top it off. It took him no time flat to fully eat the first sandwich he’d made once it was cooked, leaving him hungry for another which was gone in the same frame of time.

The End

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