Chapter 8Mature

“Hey, guys.” Alex said, his board tucked under his arm as they pulled in close.

“Hey.” Catherine stepped out after picking up something from the floorboard in front of her.

Seeing a large black device with a couple of wires in her arms, Alex immediately recognized it as a Kinect sensor. “Oh, God. Don’t tell me…”

“Yep.” Catherine said, smiling and holding up a copy of Dance Central. “You’re not the only one with an XBOX, you know.”

Alex pressed his face and laughed as Bailey ran up to him. “Fine, fine. I’ll embarrass myself again if you like.” In his head however, he was more worried about exposing his scars.

“You been skating all morning?”

“Mostly practicing manuals. C’mon inside.”

While his friends set up the hardware, Alex slipped into a T-shirt with some longer sleeves, slipping his jacket back on afterwards. Hoping they would cover his arms without issue, he returned to the front room to find Bailey taking the seat that Catherine was trying to take.

“That’s his spot, isn’t it?”

“With my folks gone, yes.” Coaxing his dog off the chair a spot on the couch, the three of them played a few rounds of the game until Nathan arrived an hour later. With some of the routines, Bailey tried to get in on the action, barking and sometimes pacing around whoever was playing. More than once, Alex had to coax him back but having him around added to the atmosphere of the place, which was getting more uplifting as the minutes and then hours went by.

“Almost there Marcus.” Catherine said as he began to finish up his dance routine. From the couch nearby, Alex and Nathan watched, laughing as their friend flailed his arms and legs around trying to keep up with the routine cards that were coming up. He missed a variant of one of the moves as the song came close to the end, but quickly made up for it in the last few seconds.

Pumping his arms in success, Marcus stepped back from the TV and turned to Nathan, his face and short black hair wet with sweat. “You're up, Elvis.”

Alex let out a short laugh and smiled as his friend replied. “If you think I'm shaking my hips for this thing, you're wrong.”

“Fine. Do a Lady Gaga song then.”

“Not much better, man.” Alex said.

“Actually, I know just the one.” Nathan said, walking in front of the Kinect sensor. Picking one of his favorites, he maxed out the difficulty and got himself ready to start.

The End

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