Chapter 8Mature

Alex smiled at that. “Sweet. I’ll see you then, Catherine. Later.” Hanging up, he started to wonder what she was talking about before his mind switched to what stuff he would need when his friends arrived. “Hmm. I’m probably gonna need some soda for when they get here.” Heading out to pick up a small collection of soda from a local grocer, he returned home to find Bailey anxiously awaiting a chance to run around outside.

While his pet did that, Alex headed for the garage and pulled out his grindbox again. At just over eight feet, it was long enough to let him do a number of grinds and slides on its surface, and the steel covered edges ensured it would last for a long time.

Coming from the garage towards the box, Alex noticed Bailey round the corner to come see him, getting right in his path. Stepping off his board, he kicked it backwards while he continued to run forward, his pet seeing his sudden jogging as a sign to start running himself. “Bailey. Come here.” Alex whistled for him but it took a second for him to stop. Clapping his hands, his pet returned to him, leaping towards his face as per routine.

“Geez, boy. Relax.” Alex said, laughing as he held Bailey’s muzzle back. With his mouth clamped, his laughs were muffled but it stopped once his pet calmed down again. Retrieving his board after some praise, Alex went back to practicing, starting with a few slides to ready himself for trying another trick. Approaching the grindbox directly at the center, he prepared his Ollie and snapped it a few feet early. As his wheels came down towards the top, he put a bit of pressure on the tail of the deck, with his left leg staying tense to catch the board.

As the wheels impacted on the wood, he felt his back leg sink a bit as his front stopped the deck. Riding on the rear wheels, he shifted his weight forward to stay balanced through the manual. The trick ended abruptly however when his attempted Backside 180 fell short of clearing the box, his front truck catching the edge of it. The impact jolted his legs and spine as he started to fall backwards, unable to catch himself from the rear momentum and rolling backwards a bit.

Brushing himself off as he sat up, Alex retrieved his new jacket to work as some kind of protection in case he scraped his arms up. Going for another run at the manual, he repeated the Ollie and tensed his legs to catch the deck. His speed was faster than the last attempt but this time he decided not to trick out of the manual, instead doing a slight hop to clear the edge. Kicking his deck back into his hand, he thought about some other tricks he could try before seeing a truck enter the driveway. It was Marcus', with Catherine riding shotgun.

The End

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