Chapter 8Mature

Attaching his dog’s leash, Alex followed him out the door and locked it behind them. For a second, Bailey pulled on the leash, wanting to meet someone on the sidewalk before Alex got him to heel and walk beside him. The afternoon was mostly overcast but still warm for early September, meaning a lot of settled scents from things they walked by got kicked up when a breeze blew by.

Deciding to take a break from the house after his shift that evening, he headed out to order some pizza at Steakhouse, sitting in to a mostly empty building. Taking in the fresh scents of cooked ham, pineapple and marinara sauce, he filled his stomach once again to the point where it was nearly bloated.

A whole mini pizza and half of a liter of soda in one sitting, and he still felt fine. If a little tired and bubbly from carbonation build-up. That made it twice that he had eaten so much, but he couldn’t bring himself to feel worried. He wasn’t eating four meals a day all of a sudden, or going without food for long stints of time.

Stepping outside after finishing, he kept his eyes off the gibbous moon above him until he got to his bike, just in case. But as he sat on the seat, his visor down, he stalled on starting the engine. Thinking on it, being afraid of looking at the moon was a bit silly. He hadn’t developed an allergy to the presence of silver from his necklace and bullet because of the bite, and he’d been outside under the moon earlier in the week.

Sighing, Alex opened his visor and pretended to look around as he started the engine. Cocking his head upwards, he looked directly at the moon above him. He could see it was close to full but not quite there, and he felt no immediate difference in his mood aside from a slight bit of worry. “Well, that’s another thing I don’t have to worry about.” he thought as he rode back home.

The next day, Alex wasted no time getting freshened up in preparation for his friends’ arrival. Dragging his XBOX into the living room in case they were up for some games, he heard his phone ring and picked it up to find Catherine on the line. “Hey. What’s up?”

“Not much. You got the day off?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there. And I may have something fun to show off as well.”

The End

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