Chapter 8Mature

“I will, and thank you. This was educational.” The woman held out her hand to shake Alex’s, her face still holding a smile.

“My pleasure.” Alex said, returning the smile and the handshake.

Heading to the mini-ramp near the back of the store once the conversation was over, Alex dropped into the pipe and rode around for a few minutes before the woman came to ask him a question about some of the parts he had recommended. Before long, he was helping describe how to apply griptape, the use of a razor to cut the excess being a shock to her. “That sounds dangerous.”

“I can apply the griptape for you if you want to buy the board as well.” Walter said. Alex kept his mouth shut as the mother made her choice, even though he wanted to tell her he was more than willing to apply the tape for her.

She ended up buying a complete set of parts and with both Walter and Alex’s help, had a complete deck ready before long. Handing the board back to her after testing the bearings he had suggested, the woman asked if he was able to show how to do tricks on the board. At Walter’s suggestion that her son should practice riding the board first, Alex showed them to the indoor park before he started riding around himself.

With some good speed from a few back and forth rides around the park, he went for some of the funbox stairs as his next trick spot. Readying an Ollie, he snapped his deck into the air just as the front wheels came close to the first step, sailing over the four with ease and landing with his legs bending some to compensate for the impact. Ahead of him was a short quarterpipe and with a quick tap of his deck on the coping, he began to ride away in switch stance.

Feeling his weight moving backwards into the tail of the deck, he tried to pivot on the rear truck to correct his stance but in the process, the nose lifted too far up. Feeling the board slip from under his feet, he landed on his back on the ramp, laughing the impact off with a brush of his jacket.


Friday, September 9th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waxing Gibbous

Days until Full Moon – 3


As his folks gathered their things over the next few days for their trip, Alex began to dread being alone in the house with only Bailey by his side. Even so, he held back from showing any immediate emotion as he hugged his folks before they departed Friday afternoon.

“Stay safe, you guys.” Alex said under his breath as he watched from the front door. Bailey whined a bit about their departure as well. “Looks like it’s you and me, boy.” Bailey looked up at him for a second with his tail wagging, receiving a head rub as a result. “You wanna go for a walk?” Bailey barked in response. “Atta, boy. Let’s go.”

The End

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