Chapter 8Mature

Moving to a few other topics, the two hit yet another snag in their ideas and parted ways a few minutes later; Alex left Nathan with the news that he had found a new park and that they should forward their thoughts to Marcus and Catherine. Knowing that his friend didn't consider what he had said too outlandish was a relief, but couldn’t keep himself from wondering how he, or Marcus and Catherine, would react if they knew more than that.

Stopping himself from thinking too deeply about that possibility, he reminded himself that the full moon was still five days off and his friends were coming two days before that. He had to be ready, and he couldn't start acting up in their presence. Heading out of the north entrance of the campus, he made his way home to a nice walk with his dog.

With a one-to-seven shift coming the next day, he decided to return to the skate shop and spend some time getting to know the employees and their boss. Only two employees were on duty when he arrived, but with Walter there he was able to strike up a conversation with him while looking over their inventory. “Oh, you work at the comic store on 59?”

“Yeah. I used to work with a vet. Started in my junior year of high school.”

“Why’d you leave?”

“Change of occupation mostly. I like animals, but I’m more of a role-player.”

“Is that where you dress up and go around hitting people with weapons?”

Alex laughed. “That's LARPing. Technically role-playing, but no. Dungeons and Dragons and stuff like that.”

“Ah. That was getting popular around my high school years, but I never took interest in it.”

“I see. Did you ride during the really early days, like the 70's and such?”

Walter hummed a negative response to his question. “Around '84 actually. Around the same time Rodney Mullen was getting noticed.”

“I started late in middle school. About ’03, but I started on a ‘Wal-Mart’ board by accident.”

“Ouh.” Walter replied as though he had heard this story a number of times before. “Yeah, those things are cheap. Still, cheap sells.”

“Not that that’s a good thing.” Alex said. Walter nodded in response.

The front door to the shop opened up before their discussion went any further and Walter greeted the customers coming in. Looking over, Alex saw a kid and his mother, a woman maybe in her mid-40’s, entering the store. She looked around at everything the shop had to offer but acted like she didn’t know where to begin.

Peeking aside to Walter as he asked if the two needed anything, Alex noticed the contour of the skateboard the kid had with him. The deck wasn’t curved on the sides, and near the tail and nose the deck looked badly shaped.

The End

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