Chapter 8Mature

“In a way. I've been thinking more about what happened with Angela and it's just leaving me with this really gross feeling like I just described.”

Nathan pulled Alex aside, just in case his friend was onto something. “You think someone here did it?”

“I don't know, but Methodist is right across the way and it was pretty dark the night we found her.”

“OK but, what really makes you think that? Have you told your dad yet?”

Alex thought hard about his answer. He couldn't afford a screw up now. “I think he knows. Those police patrols you noticed? I think that's part of what they're doing to find this guy, even if he's not saying anything to me.” As he responded, Alex began to question the very real possibility of those increased patrols being about what he had said.

Nathan sighed. “I still don't get why you think someone is watching you...unless you're...”

Alex cut him off and crossed his fingers on what he was about to say, hoping his friend wouldn't call him crazy for suggesting it. “What if the person who attacked Angela wasn't just a person? What if they had some attack dogs with them?”

“Dude, you're the dog expert, not me.”

“But doesn't that seem logical if someone had something to hide? Attack someone with dogs or stage their injuries so it looks like that?”

“Yeah, but she wasn’t bitten. Visibly anyway.”

Alex tried to come up with a response, but none came to mind. He’d completely forgotten about that. “You’re right. Nevermind.”

Nathan took a second to respond in kind, his eyes looking around once. Alex meanwhile was holding his breath, thinking about how his friend would respond. “Still, if that was true, the news would have a field day with it.”

“That's the thing. There was no news about Angela's death or the theft of her body.” Alex replied. “Seriously, I can't find anything on it.”

“OK, that is weird.”

“I'm not trying to freak you out, man. You just reminded me of that fact.”

“So, what exactly does all this have to do with us?”

“If patrols have picked up, I guess nothing. The police may have the same idea. Though, if an attack dog news piece came out, that wouldn’t help me or Bailey any.”

“Yeah. People would be giving you some odd looks after that.”

The End

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