Chapter 7Mature

While continuing to throw the tennis ball for Bailey, he tried to think of other things he could test but his mind kept drawing blanks. However, in the back of his mind, something was nagging at him about his sudden interest in testing himself. Was he becoming too enthralled at the idea of being a werewolf, considering what he had seen? The one that attacked him had torn his arm and shoulder to shreds and nearly killed him if not for whatever reason that made it stop. Remembering that he was bitten near the new moon instead of the full, and Angela's attack during the last quarter, his spine shivered. If a werewolf was capable of doing that much damage on nights when the full moon was not in the sky...

Alex shook his head after a minute to try and think of an alternate view of the situation. Both times that his new abilities had surfaced without warning, they had been shocks to him and scared him. And then there was his increased feelings of tension around people he didn't know. None of those things endeared him to the idea of becoming a monster, even if his new-found sense of smell was one thing about it that he actually thought was amazing, if not very useful.

If nothing else, they had made him more aware of what was coming, and maybe helped him prepare. Instead of everything hitting him at once, the gradual emergence was more manageable. As he thought about it, maybe this was coming down to wits and mental fortitude. If the one that attacked him and Angela wasn't someone like that, it could explain why these attacks had happened.

Feeling Bailey nudge his leg, Alex threw the ball for him once again, watching his dog bound after it and leap to catch it. Maybe the one that had attacked both he and Angela wasn't a very mentally strong individual? Suddenly, Alex felt his flesh crawl. Was it the one that attacked him who had taken her from the morgue? The idea wasn't completely out of the question to him but aside from halting publicity in the media about the deed, he saw no reason for the action.

However, thinking more on it, he was attacked and bitten barely four days after he and Nathan had tried to help her. Was it a coincidence, or had the werewolf planned to turn him at that point? Refusing to believe he was the one responsible for making himself the target of a werewolf, Alex took Bailey back inside after he had done his business and got his skateboard. He no longer felt like driving to the Tampa shop and spent some time practicing on his grindbox instead. Landing a few Tailslides off the object, along with a couple of 360 Flips, helped his mood a bit before his folks returned home.

The End

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