Chapter 7Mature

The first thing that came to mind was increased strength, which he did have a few ways to test. Standing up after lifting Bailey's head off him, he headed for the kitchen and the dinner table. He decided on one of the oak chairs since he was able to lift and move them by himself but had some difficulty doing so.

Pulling it away so he would have some room to lift, Alex hooked his hands under the seat of the chair after bending his legs. Standing up slowly and hoisting the chair, it was no lighter than the last few times he had picked it up. “Scratch that.” he thought, setting the chair back down. “So, I'm not any stronger.

Being faster was another thing he could easily test. “Bailey. We're going outside.” Alex said as he retrieved one of the tennis balls his pet would always chase, bouncing it once on the tile by the door. With Bailey panting in excitement, he took him outside and tossed the ball into the front yard from the porch. His pet took off after it, chasing the fuzzy sphere into the grass and catching it as it bounced off the small oak tree in the yard. Dropping it for his master on return, Alex led him out to the yard and threw it again, this time far higher than before.

As his pet took off after the ball, he also took off from where he was standing with as heavy a sprint as he could manage in the same direction. Having Bailey run ahead of him to test this was awkward, but no one would see it as anything other than a guy having fun with his dog.

However, it was no use. Bailey was still far faster than he was and retrieved the ball as he ran past. Nearly sliding to a stop in the grass, taking slightly strained breaths, that was two things Alex could say had not changed about him. At least not right now.

The End

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