Chapter 7Mature

“That's OK. If you can't make it, I'll think of something.”

While hanging out in the bookstore, Alex wandered over to the New Age section near the back after looking for a new game or two. His eyes soon fell on another book based around werewolves, one seemingly much more sinister than the one he had found before. While his old thoughts of picking it up for reference material came back, so did his doubts about it or any other books on the subject being any sort of help to him. He didn't even want to look at it for fear of giving himself any bad ideas.

Arriving back home, Bailey seemed to be more eager than ever to lick at his face. Sitting down, Alex was soon tussling with him to keep him back, laughing in the process. “Hey boy, calm down. I missed you too.” he said, pushing his dog away from his crossed legs. Bailey didn't relent however and kept his tongue lapping at his skin.

Figuring a hug would get him to stop, Alex wrapped his arms around his pet's neck and Bailey, unable to reach any part of his master, finally stopped. “So, that was what it took, huh?” he said, rubbing Bailey's pelt. Doing so shook up the scents in his fur.

Hearing a light growl from his pet as he rubbed his head, Alex let go of him, thinking he had done something Bailey didn’t like. He quickly stopped making noise however and then nudged his owner’s arm with his muzzle.

“What, boy?” Bailey whined a bit in response. Checking to make sure the bay window curtain was closed, Alex thought to see if he could pick up on what Bailey was whining about. Before he even took a breath, he dropped the idea. Most of his own scents were ones he was well used to, and what would he even be looking for anyway?

Remembering that he had been holding onto some books in that arm at Catherine's place of work before, he doubted that would have gotten his pet to whine. The last time he did that was when he let him get close to sniffing his wounds but upon checking the scars, nothing had changed about them.

“Wish you could just talk to me. That would make things easier.” Alex said. As Bailey laid his head down on his legs, he rubbed his head between the ears. Just then, he wondered if Bailey was whining because he able to detect the changes in his physiology. “No. That makes no sense. Dogs can't smell changes in someone's body.” Remembering the stories about dogs supposedly being able to predict seizures made him question that assumption. What if they could detect werewolves the same way?

As he thought about it though, he had to wonder if anything else about him was different that he had yet to uncover. He was already able to heal faster than any person on earth and his sense of smell was sharp as a tack, but both of those he found out by either by having it happen or seeing it happen.

The End

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