Chapter 7Mature

Guys. I got the house to myself this weekend. How does Saturday sound?” He was slightly worried about them coming when the full moon was so close, but if his folks couldn't be around, he could at least enjoy their company for a while. By the time class was over, he had received two texts back. One from Marcus, and the other from Nathan.

Sure. You have anything in mind or we just hanging out at your place?” said the text Marcus sent.

As long as it's late in the afternoon.” Nathan replied.

With no reply from Catherine, Alex texted back to Marcus, asking if she was busy.

Yeah. She's got a shift today.

I'll ask her in person, then. Thanks.” Pocketing his phone, Alex left the campus to a delightful smell of grass and flowers from outside, with the cigarette smoke from other students nearby ruining it.

Trying not to look like he was making a face, he moved away to clear his nose. As entertaining as his new olfactory senses were, it was starting to annoy him whenever he picked up a new scent and it repulsed him so badly that it felt like he was being forced to smell it up close. He figured he would get used to it at some point but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Slipping into his helmet before he arrived at his motorcycle, Alex arrived at the local Half-Price Books not long afterwards. Inside, Catherine was working the rear counter, looking through a few collections of traded-in books. Not seeing him coming her way, he surprised her while her head was down. “Is something the matter?”

Looking up, Catherine's expression shifted to pleasure. “No, I'm Feeling Pinkie Keen. What's up?”

Alex shuddered hearing that sentence while one of Catherine's co-workers asked what she was talking about. He knew what she was referencing, but it was still odd to hear her say that. “I just wanted to let you know that my folks are going to be out of town this weekend and...”

“I thought you already had a boyfriend.” said one of Catherine's co-workers. Alex snorted at that, even though he knew it was a gag.

“He's a friend of mine.” she retorted with a slight roll of her eyes before looking back in Alex's direction. “You were saying?”

“I sent you a text about it. How about the four of us meet on Saturday at my place around one-ish?”

“That might be a problem. I'd need to trade shifts with someone.”

The End

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