Chapter 7Mature

“Trust me, dude. That's exactly the kind of people you meet sometimes. Maybe he had a family issue...”

“He did.” Alex blurted out. “Last minute birthday stuff. Probably forgot until the party was about to start.”

Marcus's expression shifted to surprise, as did the other customer. “You don't know that, man. For all we know, he was having a bad day.”

Alex nearly answered that he'd smelled what the guy had on his coat before he stopped himself. If he said that out loud, he had no idea how Marcus would react. “Fine. Still, I’m standing behind that assumption.”

“That's OK. Just don't worry about those kinds of people. I've dealt with them for years. They don't bother me, and I don't want to see you get in trouble.”

Alex nodded to his friend, exhaling through his nose to help him relax. Even if he was at risk of getting in trouble from that, deep down he still felt there was something more he could have done. Ignoring how red his face likely was by now, he returned to his customer from before, who complimented him on his actions. Thanking him, Alex continued with his detailing from before, glad to know both of them were on his side.

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Moon Phase – First Quarter

When Monday came around, Alex had mostly forgotten the incident at the comic shop. All he had on his mind now was finishing classes for the day and heading back to the skate shop after walking Bailey. As students continued to enter and sit down, the growing collaboration of scents in the classroom, some of them rather nasty, almost made him gag before he pressed his hand under his nose. His own scent was barely any help, but he would take what he could get.

Eventually, not wanting to keep scenting all the other students, he got up and moved within two seats of the door as the AC kicked on. The rush of air helped clear some of the sea of scents, but at this point, it was just him losing an annoying battle. Trying to focus on something else as he waited for the professor to arrive, he typed out a quick text to his friends about him having the house to himself that weekend.

The End

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