Chapter 7Mature

“Protecting the assets of his company is not a problem.”

“Maybe and maybe not, but I don't like having to be looked at like I'm giving bad bills.”

Alex's emotions boiled over at that moment. He was sick of this and stepped in. “Excuse me. Is something going on here?” he asked, leaning on the counter.

“Are you aware of this store's policy of checking bills like this man is doing?”

“Yes, in fact, and Marcus here is a good friend of mine.” Alex replied, trying not to blow up in the customer's face. His limbs were shaking in rage at this point and he wanted to just let loose, but he did his best to hold back.

“So why is he checking bills that...”

“He just told you.” Alex replied, cutting the customer off. “It's to check for bad bills, and we do it with everyone that pays with cash. Try paying with cards if you don't want that.”

“Why are you both giving me attitude over this? Is your boss here?”

Crap.” Alex thought. His job was barely two weeks old, and he didn't want to tick Trevor off this early. As he thought about it, he didn't have to answer the entire question, and no one was saying anything to him yet. “I'm not giving any attitude about anything. I'm giving alternatives...”

“Dude, please. I've got it from here.” Marcus said, moving in front of his friend before facing his customer again. “Fine. We don't have to, but we do so because it's a business and we have the right to. Every business has the same right.”

“Just give me my receipt.” The customer snatched the paper slip from Marcus and stormed out, Alex still shaking in every limb. He stepped aside with his fingers in his hair to think for a second, looking over to his prior customer once, who flashed him a thumbs up. Nodding his thanks, Marcus soon joined him.

“What was that all about?”

“I don't know. The guy just...pissed me off taking his issues out on you.”

The End

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