Chapter 7Mature

“Know anything about this?” His new customer asked as he held up a used copy of a GURPS roleplaying book.

“Sadly, not much. The only thing I know about GURPS is its relationship to Fallout.”

“Fallout?” The customer sounded intrigued. “How did this work into Fallout?”

“That was supposed to be the system that Fallout was going to use but...” Alex's reply was then interrupted when he heard the customer he had helped before raising his voice a bit with Marcus. Looking over for a second, Alex saw him starting to act a bit unnerved at something but he wasn't sure what.

“Some guy giving him a hard time?” his customer asked.

“Looks like it.” Hearing the person he helped talking down about Marcus was starting to get on his nerves. “I'll be right back.” Coming closer, Alex was able to better hear the conversation they were having. The person he had helped was getting angry at the technique Marcus had showed him earlier about checking bills.

“Sir, we do this for everyone.”

“Why is that? Have you found any fake bills?”

“Not me personally, but I've worked here for two years.”

“So why check them if you haven't found one?”

Hearing the argument go back and forth, Alex's arms started to tremble. He wanted to say something, but bit his tongue for the moment. Jumping in now would just make him out to be a jerk. “Just because I haven't found one doesn't mean I shouldn't check.”

“I think it does. Maybe people don't want to try and scam you, so don't treat all of us like we're part of it.”

“Sir, I'm sorry if you feel that way, but this is the store's policy for all bills like these.”

“So, you don't let someone have an easier time if they don't try and rip you off?”

At this point, Alex growing tired and angry of the customer's attitude towards his friend. Seeing him remain so calm under pressure however was something he had to admire. “Maybe, but as a future businessman, I respect my boss's demands of me.”

“Then maybe he has the problem.”

The End

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