Chapter 7Mature

“How exactly?” Alex asked, a bit intrigued at how this would work.

“Just hold the light under the bill and look for two things. A face on the right and the denomination strip somewhere inside.” Marcus explained, using the bill as an example. “If you see both of those, the bill's good.”

“I see.”

“Be sure to do it with every bill that needs it. Don't skip one, even if you think it's good.”

Alex nodded. “Got it.” Returning to the trade he had picked up a minute ago, he got to a good spot in one of the chapters and went back to fixing up the walls. Activity in the store remained less than engaging for a while afterward, despite the number of customers that came in dressed in professional casual. Helping a few of them to find comic issues they needed, Alex put on his best poker face whenever he met one that had sprayed on too much cologne. Even after they would leave, he could pick up their scents in the still air around the store, including everything they touched, like they were mini scent markers.

Upon finishing up a line of customers with the help of his friend, Alex was left reeling from one that had likely not showered before coming. “Ugh. Seriously, that guy needs a bath.” he complained with his hand over his nose.

“It wasn't that bad,” Marcus replied. “and besides, you've worked with pets.”

“Mostly clean ones.” Alex said, brushing his nose. Marcus scoffed at that in jest before they returned to their duties.

Nearly an hour later, another customer came in, this time looking for several books and comics. Alex noticed the man was acting a bit impatient, but tried not to pay it any mind as he found the stuff he was asking about. Although from one of the scents on his coat, he could smell a concentration of icing, wax, and baked batter, making him licking his teeth in response.

Guess his kid has a birthday or something.” he thought as he handed the comics to his customer. “OK, here we go. Wonder Woman issues 600 to 605, and volume 4 of Marvel Runaways. Looking for anything else?”

“No, I'm good.” The customer walked over to Marcus while Alex helped the next person in the store who was browsing the RPG section.

The End

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