Chapter 7Mature

Waking up Sunday to Bailey sniffing and licking at his face, he rubbed his head playfully after wiping his mouth free of saliva. Today was his last shift of the week at the comic shop, a 12 to 7 one that he was more than ready for.

With his new jacket and work T-shirt cleaned, he arrived at the store to only one customer in the board games section and Marcus, along with Trevor who was in the 'secret room'. Entering the store with his hand near his nose, the assault on his senses came once again. Age on the comics and collectable cards, fresh comics and cards, sodas that were just opened, and dozens of others rushed him. The comics and paper products were uniform, but the rest competed with them and made his eyes water.

“Hey, man.” Marcus said as he put his things behind the register.

Alex shook his hand in response, trying not to notice the scent of his friend. “Hey. I'm still working the floor today?”

“I think so. Double check with Trevor, but either way, today is going to be slow.” Marcus elongated the last 'o' as he spoke.

“Yeah, it's Sunday. People have church and stuff, so more time for us to read.”

Heading to the slot of the rare comics room, Alex got Trevor's attention. “Yeah, you're working the floor today, but I also want you to keep training on the register with Marcus. You had a good mix of customers last time, so he can fill you in on everything else.” Nodding to his boss, Alex clocked in and headed out to the sales floor.

With little to do in the first half hour beyond read a trade that had caught his eye, Alex asked about how the DMing of games for the shop worked. As Marcus began to answer, a customer walked in, putting the both of them back to work. When the customer left, he called Alex over to show him something.

“Did Daniel or anyone else show you about how to spot fake bills?”

Alex's eyebrow cocked at that. “No. Why? You get a fake one?”

“No. I'm just asking, but since you said no...” Holding out the 20 dollar bill that the customer had recently paid with, Marcus reached for a flashlight nearby. Clicking it on, he held the light near the bill. “When you take tens, twenties, anything with a zero on the bill, use this to tell if it's fake.”

The End

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