Chapter 7 - ReasoningsMature

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Moon Phase – First Quarter


Going to bed the night of his sensory change, Alex was stuck smelling every scent in and around his pillow until he lay on his back. Although he tried to breathe through his mouth to counter that, it didn’t last and he was soon asleep, waking the next morning to a powerful mix of scents off Bailey’s pelt. His pet had been sleeping next to him again, his own breaths passing nearby and making Alex laugh to ignore how they smelled.

As the weekend went by however, Alex took the initiative to try and better grasp his new olfactory senses. At first, the new scents he would pick up from just walking around the house were a constant reminder of how sudden this change had come. The more he explored however, the more he grew intrigued rather than scared.

He was finding all kinds of scents that he found interesting, despite the number he found that repulsed him. With Bailey at his side as he went through the front yard, just in case anyone gave him weird looks, he eventually had to stop and think. As frightening as this change had been on Friday, it was quickly becoming less so. Almost to the point where he was looking forward to finding a new scent somewhere.

However, the intensity of those same scents was still wearing on his head. Getting too close to a powerful or sharp one made him feel disoriented until he adjusted. With his dog watching him at times, he wondered if his new olfactory sense was now as sensitive as Bailey’s. Or if this was the kind of thing his dog was noticing every time he took him for a walk.

By late afternoon Saturday, Alex had almost formed a mental map of the front yard from how well he was getting to know the scents around the place. Every animal that had passed through the yard recently he could smell with some effort, even if he didn’t immediately know what it was. The same with the birds that landed in the trees every so often. The scent markings from other dogs he could also pick up before Bailey decided to replace some with his own.

Unlike his new sense of smell, his appetite remained mostly the same. Two or three meals each day between all of his practicing on his skateboard. Although he was still wondering why he had gorged himself so much on Friday. With little to go on for now, he wrote it off as a result of not eating much the entire day and having it catch up to him later. A theory that stuck around even after he passed on eating breakfast on Saturday.

The End

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