Chapter 6Mature

Catching that last smell made his mouth water and he almost salivated before he stopped himself. Trying not to act weird, he opened the door and entered the house, his guess about Bailey being correct as his dog jumped up to see him from where he had been sitting. The rest of the weaker scents then began to register, but each one felt familiar and his head didn’t swirl like he’d thought it would.

Hearing his folks call to him, he answered them, and went for a plate of food.

“Whoa, son. Leave a bit for us.“ David said as Alex returned with thirds from the lasagna tray.

“Oh, sorry.” Alex replied, turning around as if he was about to return his portion.

“No, no. Sit down.” Alyssa said. “We've got enough.”

“You sure?” David asked with little humor in his voice but a grin on his face. “He's eaten maybe a third of the lasagna already.”

“Can’t help it. I was hungry.”

“You look like you spent all day skating.”

“Yeah, but not at the park this time. I met one of my past customers there and he showed me an incredible skate shop down south of here. I mean wow. This place...” Alex stalled to stop himself from gushing too much. “Can't believe I've never heard of it before.”

“What's it called?”

“Tampa Skateshop. It's a skate store with a built in park.”

“So, you can ride there instead of at the park?” Alyssa asked.

Alex looked to his mother as she said that sentence, having a good feeling why she would ask such a thing. “Yeah. It's a better place to hang out and ride, but it’s a bit of a drive from here. Still, it seems worth it. I just lost track of time while I was there and worked up an appetite.”

Upon finishing his third plate of the night, his stomach felt swollen from everything he had eaten.  Despite not feeling nauseous and even up for a bit of dessert, he passed on any more food after holding back a few burps. No time before had he eaten so much and not felt a bit sick as a result, making him think it was another of his wolf-like habits appearing. He didn't want to think that was the case, but he still had no idea if it was or not.  Letting it stay confined to his father's brief comment about him eating so much, Alex retreated to his room with Bailey.

Inside he was once again hit with a flood of scents, but unlike the times earlier in the day, all the collected scents were more calming than alarming. Some even reminding him of things he had long forgotten about, like the last time Bailey had gotten sick in his room while he was away. Sighing lightly, he took in the scent collection for a short time and continued reading some of the comics he had purchased, Bailey resting his head over his legs.

The End

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