Chapter 6Mature

Within half an hour, he was working up a sweat and brushed his wet blonde hair aside before riding again. Going for one of the rails, he set himself up for a trick he was thinking of back at the other park. Positioning his feet on the deck in the spots he needed, he ollied towards the rail, his front foot tapping the board into a Kickflip. Catching it just before he made contact with the rail, he set his weight on the tail with his right foot and rode to the end.

Checking his phone soon after, his free hour was nearly up. Picking up some fresh wax and a new set of blank wheels, Alex left the store with another shake of Walkter’s hand.

Once outside, with his nose completely open, his head started to spin again from the flood of urban scents and his brain processing all of them. Fast food from a building nearby, exhaust from several cars on the highway, and dozens more. They didn’t make him feel sick from smelling so many, but his head seemed to be trying to encourage that. Covering his nose again, Alex took a few breaths through his mouth.

Wondering if his helmet would help things at all, he slipped it onto his head before he was near his motorcycle. With the visor down and the sound of his own breathing echoing inside, it did dampen many of the scents around him, making them weaker than the ones inside his helmet. Much to his relief.

Taking a seat on his bike, the key in his hands, Alex was still shivering some under his jacket. Why had his sense of smell changed now instead of back when he was bitten? Was it due to his own anatomy changing when he couldn't see it, or the coming of the full moon?

Reaching for his phone, he checked a lunar calendar he had added to his apps a few days before. The full moon was 10 days away, too far away in his mind to make his body react or change like this. But as he thought about it, he didn't know for certain what was real or what was fake about lycanthropy, besides what he knew already, which was all through self-observation.

For all he knew, he would grow a tail before the full moon or have his canines lengthen into fangs in a few days. No one was there to tell him what was coming or help him prepare. And if something happened to him that he didn't expect, where was he supposed to turn for help? He doubted the one that attacked him would be hospitable in any way if it was attacking people outside of the full moon. And his friends? What would he tell them if they were caught in the middle of something he caused because of this?

The End

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