Chapter 6Mature

“It's the store's promotional video.” Cameron said while he spun the wheels of his board. “You know, ads, skaters like us showing off stuff, the usual.”

“I look forward to seeing it once it’s done.”

“Thanks. It’s in editing right now, but check back in a few days. It should be done by then.”

Nodding again, Alex thanked Cameron for showing him to the store, and then headed to see his boss. Seemingly in his mid-40s Walter shook his hand almost immediately, and the way their conversation started was very similar to how Trevor had greeted him. He asked who he was, how long he had been skateboarding, and how he had heard of the place.

“So Cameron brought you here?”

“Yes, sir. I can't believe I've never been here before.”

“We've been open only a year now and the mall is more convenient, but we do have better stock and the park as you can see.”

“Definitely. Uh, do you mind if I ride in the park for a while?”

“Sure. I'll hold your backpack and helmet behind the counter while you do that, and since this is your first time with us, I’ll give you the first hour on the house.”

“Sweet. Thank you.” Handing his things over, Alex headed inside the mini-park. The conversation had helped him adjust a bit to the increase in sensitivity of his nose, but that was quickly washed away once he came into the park.

There were dozens of new scents inside, some he could smell before he even opened the gate. Most were clothing scents, and the age and stains with them, but there were food and soda scents as well. Looking around, he saw a balcony area to his left which overlooked the park. It seemed large enough to seat two dozen people, and there were no trashbins nearby.

The park itself was far bigger than he originally thought; at least three times the size of the one in his neighborhood. The two funboxes in the center of it immediately stood out from the rest of the object, but the park also had a few grind boxes and rails at least six or more feet in length. Lining the walls on either end of the area were short quarterpipes and a few incline ramps, with enough space between everything to allow tricks on flat ground.

Grinning, he made his way over to one of the quarterpipes to his right, standing over the edge for a minute before dropping in. Although he picked up more scents on the way, which gave him a literal laundry list of everything that had recently happened nearby, the fact that he was in a new park was enough to let him overlook that.

The End

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