Chapter 6Mature

Now breathing through his mouth, Alex pinched his nose shut to stop from smelling everything. Shivering because of what happened, he looked around to be sure no one had caught him acting weird. For the time, it seemed like no one had, but despite no eyes looking in his general direction, his heart rate was already way up because of the sudden shift in his sense of smell.

Taking a few breaths to refocus, Alex then lessened the pressure on his nose. The scents around him were still as sharp and as strong as before, making him feel overwhelmed by the number his brain was processing. Wiping his eyes free of tears, he noticed an employee coming his way behind the counter.

He didn’t take long to notice something was wrong. “Hey, man. You OK?”

Letting go of his nose, and breathing through his mouth still, Alex replied. “Yeah. Something just really made my nose run. Don’t know what.”

“Hang on a sec.” The employee reached behind the counter and produced a box of tissues; Alex thanked him and grabbed a handful. When he brought them close to his nose, he could smell the sterilization in the thin paper. “Nose decided to screw with you, huh?”

“More than you know.” Alex replied in his head before exhaling through his mouth, pretending to clear his eyes as well. “Yeah. Second time today for some reason.”

“Ouh. Not fun. Were you looking for anything earlier?”

“Not really. Just browsing.”

“Got ya. If you need anything, just let me or Walter know.”

Nodding to that, Alex held his hands to stop them from quivering while pretending to look over the decks behind the counter. “OK, calm down. He didn't suspect anything.” Pushing away from the counter, he turned around to see Cameron heading his way, his board tucked under his arm.

“Hey. What do you think so far?”

“Really nice place, I gotta say.” Alex replied, trying not to focus on the new scents from Cameron's clothing.

“If you want, you can go practice in the park for a minute.” Cameron said, thumbing towards it. “Oh, and be sure to say hello to Walter. He’s the owner, and the guy you'll need to impress if you want to ride for the store.”

Alex nodded. “I'll keep that in mind. Actually, what was that video part you were talking about before?”

The End

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