Chapter 6Mature

“Dude, you weren't kidding.” Alex said, grinning.

“Yep. We've got everything here. Take a look around.”

As Cameron headed towards someone who seemed in his late 40’s, Alex diverted his attention to some of the parts on display near the front door. Most of the items in the case were wheels and bearings, both blank and professional designs, but the one deck inside caught his eye almost immediately because of the design.

Looking over it, Alex began to notice that some of the smells nearby were getting stronger. Almost to the point where his nose felt itchy. Rubbing it with one finger, he then caught the scent of sweat on his palms and the rubber residue from his motorcycle handles. And what he thought was his own skin scent.

Sniffing a few times, he caught more scents beyond those. Something like wood, and then oil or polish. Aged cotton, rubber and denim. Urethane, wax and lubricants. All of the smells congealed in his nostrils as if someone was shoving a sample of everything directly under his nose and making him smell them all at once. The sensation from the rush, and his brain processing all of them, made his flesh crawl and his head spin.

Wrapping his hand lightly over his nose and mouth, the smells outside of the ones from his skin and sweat weakened as his eyes watered. But as he took in more breaths, he realized covering his face wouldn’t stop what was happening.

He could start to smell discarded sodas from somewhere nearby, money from the cash register, starched cotton and denim from a nearby rack. They were wispy trails within the concentrated scents from his palms, but there was no mistaking them. He hadn’t smelled them when he’d walked in.

While his eyes kept watering up and his nose began to run, Alex stood up to try and distance himself from the scents. Once away from the floor, the ocean of scents became weaker, leaving just the strongest ones from nearby and those drifting on the air as the ones he could still pick up.

The End

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