Chapter 6Mature

“Sorry, man. Can’t help it.”

“It's OK. Thanks for offering to help, though.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll catch you later, man.”

“You too. Later, Marcus.”

“Was he coming over here too?” Cameron asked as he hung up.

“Yeah. I asked him if he could do some filming with me, but something came up with his folks.”

“You doing a sponsor video?”

Alex shook his head. “Nah, it's for video editing and YouTube. It would be fun to be sponsored, but I’ll let that come on its own.”

Cameron nodded at that. “Believe me, that's always better.”

“How so? You ride for a company?”

“In a way, yes. You ever heard of a place called Tampa Skateshop?”

Alex thought about it for a second. “No, I haven't. I buy most of my stuff from the Vans inside the mall. Not a whole lot, though.”

Cameron smirked. “I need to meet with the owner about a video segment I'm doing for the shop in a little while, but I think you'll like what we have there. I can show you where the shop it is if you want.” Alex agreed to the suggestion and followed Cameron towards the south side of town. It was a drive that took him way past the comic shop, further down Highway 59. When he saw it, he had to wonder why he had never heard of the place.

Like Blue Moon Comics, the shop was quite large, making Alex smile at what he saw. The walls of the shop were lined with new decks, parts, and clothing as well as a small ramp and rail near the back of the shop. While it was currently occupied, what he saw behind a chain style fence nearby was even more amazing: a mini skatepark with more ramps and rails of varying designs.

The End

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