Chapter 6Mature

Curving away from the quarterpipe he had dropped in from, he saw one of the rails was unoccupied and open for a few grinds. Pivoting on the front truck to correct his stance, he kicked into the concrete once to regain some lost speed. Having just done a Blunt style trick, he repeated it with the coming grind, positioning his body to have his back facing the rail as he slid along the top. Dropping out of the grind with a slight pivot in his chest, he stepped off his board and tapped it up into his hands.

Taking a minute to watch the other skaters do tricks on the rail he'd just used, he started thinking of some of the tricks he wanted to try with the recording time he had. A full hour was more than enough to make at least five minutes of video, but he didn't want to shoot in just one location. If he was recording here, he had to make the best of everything available.

It was then that he noticed one of the skaters there looked familiar. Walking over to the group and giving a hello, the skater turned his head to face him. He then recognized him as the person he had checked out earlier in the week.

“Don't I know you from the comic shop?” he asked.

“Yeah. I'm Alex.” He held out his hand to his past customer. “So you skate here too?”

The person shook his hand in return. “Not often, but yes. Name's Cameron.”

“Let me guess. Things are too cramped here?”

“Yeah.” said one of the group near Cameron. “Like that quarterpipe set you were riding on a second ago.”

“And the fact that we were too cramped just standing on this thing.” Cameron added, slapping the ramp structure he was standing next to.

“I can imagine.” Alex replied. Although his past feelings of worry were starting to return at this point, he fought it and asked if he could hang with the group until Marcus arrived. When his phone started ringing, he answered it to find him on the other line, with news that something had come up on his end.

“Well that sucks.”

The End

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