Chapter 6 - The scent of the worldMature

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Moon Phase – Waxing Crescent


Once his first week of classes over on Friday, with a full 20 hours of work at the comic store to his name, Alex was ready to try and record some skateboarding footage. Heading towards where Nathan was leaving his History class, he greeted him and the two exchanged some small talk before the subject came up.

“I've got some errands to run in a while, man. Sorry.” Nathan explained.

“No worries. Marcus and I are off shift today. I'll see if he can help.”

“Good luck...oh, did you notice the increase in police patrols around here lately?”

“Yeah, I did. No idea why, though.”

“No word on anyone else getting attacked or mauled?”

“None. I've tried asking Dad about it, but I got nothing from him.”

“So why not listen to the dispatch system? Ever heard of 'Radio Dispatch'?”

“Yeah, I have. It's amusing but I don't think that'll help. I'd need past information anyway.”

“True, but no harm in trying, right?” Nathan said as he held his hand out for Alex's phone.

“I'll pass, but thanks.” Shaking his friends' hand as he departed, Alex dialed Marcus's number soon after. While he also had things to do that day, they were able to come to an agreed upon time of 2:30 that afternoon to do some filming.

Arriving fifteen minutes early, the park had a number of other riders on the structures, leaving him with just a few spots to practice on. Dropping in from one of the quarterpipes, his deck gathered speed as it descended, letting him roll into the coping of a smaller pipe opposite him. Lifting the nose of his board, he set the rear truck just past the coping, the deck rocking as it settled into a Blunt position. Feeling his forward momentum begin to reverse, Alex pushed the deck off the coping and guided his board back into the ramp, now riding in his Switch stance.

The End

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