Chapter 5Mature

“Looks like it.” Alex replied. His friend took the seat next to him, getting his laptop out before the professor arrived. With him nearby, the uncertainty Alex was feeling before began to evaporate, but his worry about developing behaviors similar to a wolf didn't diminish. Hoping things would improve at work, he did his best to concentrate until he was able to leave.

The store was less busy than last time when he arrived, meaning Trevor was able to greet him almost as soon as he walked in. “Do you want me training on the register today?” Alex asked as Trevor signed him in.

“For a little while, yes. You'll still be working the floor today, but this is in case you're on your own and need to do some transactions.”

Nodding to that, Alex got started on straightening up the shelves and stock for a few minutes before Daniel called him over to help with a customer. “This is Alex. He's one of our new guys. Started last week” he said to his customer, a young-looking male in a black Adio T-shirt.

“And...he's training on me?” the customer replied with a smile.

“I won't screw up,” Alex said. “unless you want to buy one of those comics for me.”

“Wishful thinking, but no.”

“OK, so...” Daniel walked him through using the register to ring up a simple transaction, raising an eyebrow when Alex said he had zero prior retail experience. “You're kidding.”

“Nope. I got started with a vet in high school and held it until now.”

“You're lucky, man.” said their customer. “Retail sucks sometimes.”

“How so? Nasty people?”

“That and then some. I work at a restaurant, and it’s amazing how cheap people can be.”

“But our customer base is pretty cool with us,” Daniel said. “so you don't need to worry too much about that.”

The End

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