Chapter 5Mature

While waiting for the professor to arrive, as the class continued to fill up, he started feeling a clawing sense of uncertainty and worry about being there. As if he was being watched, or someone was looking at him intent on doing something to him.

He corrected himself on that worry quickly, even though he was holding one balled fist. No one there knew what had happened to him; he wasn't any more important than the person behind him or to his side. At the same time, he began questioning why he was feeling more worried now than with his friends on Saturday. They were watching him rather closely at times then, especially when he was dancing and risking revealing his injuries.

As he sat and thought about it, he remembered something he had picked up from his time at the vet. Wolves, and dogs in general, were usually calmer around others they knew, or when they were with their pack. Alone or in the company of others they didn't know, like he was now with all the unfamiliar faces in the classroom, it was another story.

Swallowing hard, Alex tried to downplay his emotions. That couldn’t be right. He had a right to be worried, but then not because of being around strangers. That was what he told himself for the first half of class. His feelings of worry didn’t diminish by then, and only seemed to worsen until he forced himself to calm down and think about other things.

Breathing heavily into his hand, he began to realize that although he wasn't seeing it directly, he was undergoing more changes than he originally thought. And if they were starting to show like this, with his mental state and behavior, he had to be careful not to let anyone notice.

As soon as class was out, he made for the general lounge to take his mind off what he had been thinking about in class. Diving into one of the comics he had bought before and getting wrapped up in the story it told, he eased up a bit while waiting for his other class to start. While occasionally peeking up to see who else was around, he departed for his math class once there were ten minutes to spare, taking a seat one row from the front and continuing to read.

“Hey.” Hearing Nathan's voice, Alex looked up just in time to intercept his hand with a shake. “So we're sharing classes again this semester.”

The End

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