Chapter 5Mature

Alex smiled and laughed at that before starting his song without them. He had heard it a number of times before and while it was memorable, he quickly learned it wasn't easy to dance to. After screwing up several of the moves, likely due to embarrassment and holding back from laughing, he lost to Catherine's score by a massive degree.

Already sweating after just one routine, Alex acknowledged her as the victor, causing her to pump her arms in victory.

“You need practice, dude.” Marcus said.

“It's my first time. Sue me.” Alex replied with a laugh.

When the group headed to the bookstore afterwards, Alex noticed a number of werewolf books in the New Age section. Sneaking over there while Nathan was busy looking over a novel, he browsed the spines but couldn't bring himself to take or read any of them, doubting that they would contain any accurate or useful information. Anything accurate besides the 'basics', which he was starting to question the validity of as well.

Looking towards the sky as they left the bookstore, he remembered that tonight was close to the new moon instead of the full. If he was attacked on a night outside of the full moon, did it mean he was also at risk of changing at any time? The idea was worrying but he refused to let it get to him now. Not tonight when he was in the company of his friends.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Moon Phase – New

Waking up to his alarm going off, Alex got dressed and ready for his first day back to class and his first official shift once the day was over. His injuries had almost fully healed by this point, with just the largest open wounds left to close. Even so, the scarring from what was left of the bites would be a constant reminder of what had happened to him.

Petting Bailey on his way out the door, he arrived at his college campus to a partially filled parking lot and a mass of students heading for their classes. With his first one being for English, he went straight there after getting a soda from the campus store, sitting down to half of a full classroom.

The End

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