Chapter 5Mature

“When are you guys going?”

“September 9th to the 13th. That’s Friday to Tuesday.”

“Ah, cool. I'll have the house to myself then.” Alex grinned as if he was thinking of doing something malicious with his folks gone but they saw right through the gag. It wasn't the first time he would have the house to himself, but each time he did he enjoyed it immensely.

Getting into a new set of clothes, Alex remembered the noise he’d heard from his phone last night. Upon checking, he noticed a text he had missed the night before. It was from Nathan, asking, “What's going on?” Recalling that he had stopped in front of his house last night, Alex thought to answer him, but didn't.

However, the longer he thought about it, some company from his friends seemed like a good idea. Dialing Nathan's number as he went outside to play with Bailey, they soon had plans set to meet Marcus and Catherine later that evening.

When his mother left to meet with a friend of hers, Alex took the opportunity to check his injuries and the dressings, in case he needed to change them. Despite knowing he was healing faster, he was still surprised by how fast that was turning out to be over just 15 hours.

While the more severe tearing and puncture wounds on his arm and shoulder hadn't fully healed, and were still not bleeding, they had shrunk in size by a noticeable amount. At least a quarter each versus what he saw last night. After them, the smallest injuries were already close to scarring over, and were producing no scabs.

Even though all of that was working in his favor, Alex felt a shiver run down his spine and out to his nerves. A shiver which turned to a slight shaking. The way his injuries looked, if someone saw them, they would easily think he was bitten weeks, if not a month ago. The amount of healing was consistent with that. Otherwise, it was a dead giveaway to anyone who knew him.

The End

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